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    great post! i completely agree that emerging church has to be global. maybe blogs don't help this side of the conversation?

    i'm very keen to learn and see how the conversation can join up with other parts of the world as well as other cutures in our cities - you throw down the gauntlet to us in london!

    one of the things i have enjoyed about cms is that it is global - i am hoping like you to travel and listen and learn....

    Jonathan Finley

    jonny, let's travel together. when do you want to go?


    Awesome post - and one that touches on values that I cherish.


    you are so right!
    we do have on western, white glasses!
    thanks for reminding us that our god is a global god and boy does he have something up his sleeve....and he has really, really big sleeves!
    even in the midwest, we need to be so aware of the influx of "new" folks to our "white" world. we have a hispanic population that is continuing to grow, and our poor ability to relate to aftrican americans in our city have been seen and heard world wide!
    thanks for saying the truth and for reminding me that in the usa atleast, we too often forget what god is doing all over the place.
    i'd love to join you and jonny on your african adventure! lilly


    Jonathan.... this post is a perfect example of why I love reading your blog!! :)

    I have been meaning to email you and ask you about this for a while. I have looked through most of your pictures and your videos and I noticed the multicultural flavor of your church and I wondered what your thoughts were on this stuff. It's awesome to see someone on the same page!! Bless you man! You are a real gift from God!

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